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The Significance of Consumer’s Educational Level and Other Sources of Motivation Towards Attitude to Organic Food Products: A Case Study of Riverdale, Georgia

Jacob Oluwoye
The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationships between consumers years of educational level completed and other sources of motivations towards consumers attitude to organic food products among samples of Riverdale residents in Georgia, United State of America.
The data was obtained from consumers in the vicinity of large shopping malls located in Riverdale, Georgia throug [...] READ MORE
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Effectiveness of Teaching Medical Undergraduates Using Information Technology as Compared to Traditional Classroom Lectures: A Cross-Sectional Study

Rakesh Kumar Misra1 & Ashish Vinodkumar Batra2*
The formal lecture is among the oldest teaching methods that have been widely used in higher education for generations. They are strong techniques that help get a large amount of theoretical information at once, give the ability to support a complementary study of books or other material, by amplifying or explaining key points. But it is ineffective in actively engaging the learners. Electronic resources are now [...] READ MORE
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Neurological and Behavioral Sequelae of Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Cerebrovascular Accidents in a Developing Country

Orlando J. Castejón1*, Galindez, P.2 & Salones M. Castejon2
We have clinically studied 27 adult and old patients with one or multiple cerebral accidents. The hot weather and poor socio-economic environment were considered important risk factors for cerebrovascular accidents. We have found the following risk factors for patient age ranging from 39 to 89 years old: blood hypertension, senil demencia, diabetes mellitus, migraine, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular pathology, tobacco smoking and alcoholic habits. [...] READ MORE
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Sepsis States at a Surgical Intensive Care Unit in Antananarivo: Epidemiology and Factors Correlated with Morbidity and Mortality

Rahanitriniaina, N. M. P.1, Rakotondrainibe, A.1*, Raelison, J. G.2, Rakotondrabe, A.1, Randriamizao, H. M. R.1, Rajaonera, A. T.1 & Rakotoarison, R. C. N.3
Background Sepsis in intensive care are burdened with a high morbidity and mortality. The aim of the study was to determine factors of morbidity and mortality of sepsis at surgical intensive care unit of a Malagasy university hospital.
Patients and Methods
A 24-month descriptive and analytical retrospective study (June 2015 - May 2017) was performed at the surgical intensive care unit of J. R. Andrianav [...] READ MORE
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Relationship Between Glycemic Control and Thyroid Function Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Khalid Aljabri, S.1*, Samia Bokhari, A.1 & Nasser Aljuhani2
Background and Objective
The association between diabetes and thyroid dysfunction were reported. Thus, the present study was conducted to find out the relation between glycemic status and levels of thyroid hormones in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in a cohort of Saudi population.
A cross-sectional study was conducted in the Diabetes centre at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi [...] READ MORE
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The Autopsy in the Medicine of the 21st Century

Demetrio Elías Torres1* & Rafael Moreno2
The advancement of medicine in the previous century and in what runs of our century has led to the perception, both of patients and many students and professionals, that the combination of clinical experience and new study methods grant a 100% diagnostic certainty [1]. Despite how tempting this option might seem, practice and literature guide us to think differently ... to have a somewhat more critical view. In this context, the autopsy has been [...] READ MORE
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To Be a Great Researcher

Ashraful Kabir
It is an intemperate task that all over the world lots of researchers are flourishing to write many things on ‘Biomedical Sciences’. A rivalry competition is still running in this research field and of course this is a good sign for everybody especially newcomer. As regard, all writers are more energetic to fill the demand of research.
In this perspective, www.cientperiod [...] READ MORE
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Clinical Reasoning is Explicitly Embedded into the University of Nottingham Medicine Curriculum

Khin-Htun, S.* & Ko, B.
Clinical reasoning (CR) is a recursive, multidimensional, and complex process involving informal and formal strategies for the analysis and evaluation of patients’ information. CR skills are traditionally acquired through the experiential learning of undergraduate (UG) students as they progress through the curriculum, particularly as they rotate through clinical placements. Recently there has been an acknowledge [...] READ MORE
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Dominant-Recessive Interaction and Their Probability on Human Phenotype

Ashraful Kabir
In order to understand the genetic flow of the students which are responsible to their next progeny, this study has a great impact. A classroom was a good source for collecting these information regarding phenotypes. With few exceptions, the presence of common and visible dominant and recessive characteristics of male or female has been appreciated for the genetic study. This study aimed at determining the incidence of 34 characteristics (17 domi [...] READ MORE
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Availability and Affordability of Essential Medicines and Patient Satisfaction on Pharmacy Services: Case of Two Public Hospitals in Gamo Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Mende Mensa Sorato1* & Biruk Wogayehu Taddele2
Availability of essential medicines is necessary to maintain health of the community. In Ethiopia, availability of life saving medicines was 80% and availability of essential drugs was 70%. Most of drugs used for treatment of chronic illnesses were unaffordable and reported Patient satisfaction on pharmacy service was suboptimal.
To assess availability, affordability and patien [...] READ MORE
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