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Ultrastructure of Mouth Parts and Adhesive Device of Hippobosca equine and Their Implication as Carriers of Pathogens

Arafa, M. I.
Hippobosca equina (H. equina), infest different animal species and may bite human causes many diseases transmitted among these hosts. So, the present work scanned the ultrastructure of mouthparts and adhesive device of H. equina using scanning electron microscopy. Mouth parts of adult H. equine form a tubular sucking organ sheathed within a dorsal groove of the labium which armed at the tip with short labella that serve [...] READ MORE
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A Comparison of Age, Weight, Height and Body Mass Index of Zimbabwe League Soccer Players Across Playing Positions

Lungisani Mkandla, Eberhard Tapera, M.* & Morris Banda
Age, weight and height and body mass index (BMI) are very important attributes in soccer. The aim of this study was to determine the age, weight, height and BMI of Zimbabwe male league soccer players, and compare these variables across playing positions (PPs). Twenty-two (22) players (ages 21-33 years) volunteered to participate in the study and were categorized into PPs, defenders (n=7), midfielders (n=7) and forwards (n=7). Age was computed fro [...] READ MORE
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Household Integration Care: A Potential New Strategy in Improving the Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses

Ndugbu Kizito1*, Chukwuocha Adanna1, Nzeribe Emily1, Enebeli Ugo1, Igwe Chidinma2 & Chukwuocha Uchechukwu1

Malaria, Pneumonia and Diarrhoea have together caused most childhood deaths particularly in resource poor underserved areas though they are preventable. The Integrated community case management (ICCM) strategy has been adopted to improve access to treatment of children at risk of these diseases. The strategy builds on previous child survival programmes to achieve its objectives and has actually achieved some results. However, the increasing ca [...] READ MORE

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A Survey of Knowledge and Practices of FIFA 11+ Among Coaches in Indonesia

Nur Azis Rohmansyah1 & Ashira Hiruntrakul2*
Knowledge of FIFA 11+ is a key element in better injury prevention practices in soccer. This deficiency was observed in Indonesia with many injuries with excessive risks due to lack of understanding and application of FIFA 11+ from coaches of soccer academies.
To assess FIFA 11+ knowledge between coaches in registering at football academies.
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Spermidine Associated to Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease: Split Mouth Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Daniela Carmagnola1, Carlo Angelo Ghisalberti2, Gaia Pellegrini1*, Lucrezia Cinquanta3, Marilisa Toma1 & Claudia Dellavia1
Spermidine is an endogenous polyamine whose increase induces the autocrine remodeling into targeted cells. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the adjunctive beneficial effects of the local delivery of spermidine to periodontal non-surgical therapy on reduction of periodontal pocket.
In this split mouth, blind, randomized controlled clinical trial, 20 patients with sever [...] READ MORE
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Comparative Fermentation Studies and Detoxification of Jatropha Curcas Kernel Meal

Orji, S. L.1*, Ewansiha, J. U.2 & Orji, I. G.3
The quest for nontoxic feed for animal as an alternative to soybean meal cannot be over emphasized considering its high cost and level of demand. The detoxification of Jatropha curcas kernel meal for animal feed using different microorganisms in order to determine the organism with the best fermentative ability, better yield of nutritional value and potential for elimination of anti-nutritional factors was done using standard laboratory [...] READ MORE
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The Microbiome, Stroke and Neurodegeneration

Shatzmiller Shimon
Significant dysbiosis occurs in the bowel microbiology of stroke patients. The thickening of these extensive and complex changes in one index will significantly help the clinical use of microbial data in the gut. Scientists developed a microbiota in the intestines in patients with acute ischemic stroke based on microbial colon patterns, and tested whether the index was correlated with brain injury and early outcome [1].
Dysbiosis of the gut [...] READ MORE
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The Use of Impaction Bone Grafting in Total Hip Arthroplasty Following Acetabular Fractures

Islam Nassar1, Sameh Marei2, Ahmad Zayda2, Ahmed Zaki3 & Elsayed Morsi4*
Patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the acetabulum after acetabular fractures often require a total hip arthroplasty. Reconstruction of acetabular bone loss in these cases is challenging. The aim of this work was to evaluate the results of mid-term follow-up using impaction bone grafting (IBG) and a cemented cup.
Patients and Methods
This work included 43 patients with post-traumatic o [...] READ MORE
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Recent Technological Improvements on Healthcare

*Dilsad Akal
Technology is indispensable part of our daily life and it affects everything including health care implications. One of the products of these improvements is 3D printing. It is a manufacturing technique used even in healthcare systems as additives such as producing 3D drug products, medical devices, tissues and organs from digital designs. Various dosage forms of drugs, prosthetics, medical devices and artificial tissues and organs are all the pr [...] READ MORE
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Quality Evaluation of Kunun zaki: A Nigerian Food Drink Produced from Maize and Millet Grains

Afodia Kassum, L.1*, Amin Igwegbe, O.1*, Florence Maina, J.2, Haziel Bala, K.1, Mohammad Makeri3, Mercy Kwari, I.1 & Amina Maijalo, I.1
Kunun zaki, a Nigerian local drink, was prepared using two cereal grains namely maize and millet. The objective was to determine which of the two grains is most suitable for the preparation of the drink. The products were subjected to chemical, microbial, organoleptic and rheological evaluations using the standard methods of analyses. Results obtained indicate that the kunun zaki prepared from maize and millet grains had percent [...] READ MORE
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