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Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Is Not Only Produced by Bisphosphonates. A Case Control Study Using Propensity Score Matching

Marlene García-Quintana1*, Pedro Saavedra-Santana2, Mario Vicente-Barrero1,3, Sacramento Bocanegra- Pérez3, Mª Pino Quintana-Montesdeoca2 & Manuel Sosa-Henríquez1,4
Introduction: Propensity score matching (PSM) is a statistical matching technique that attempts to estimate the effect of a treatment, or another intervention based on the covariates that predict whether the treatment will be received. PSM attempts to reduce bias due to confounding variables that can be found in an estimate of the treatment effect obtained from simply comparing the results between units that received the treatment versus those th [...] READ MORE
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Perioperative Physical Therapy in the Context of Protocols Eras Abdominal Patients: A Pilot Study

Georgia Kabaroudi1*, Ballas Konstantinos2, Ilias Kallistratos3, Hristara-Papadopouloy Alexandra3 & Chalkia Anna3
Introduction: Preoperative stress and emotional distress have been to be associated with higher complication rates, greater postoperative pain, cognitive impairment, and delayed recovery. ERAS, (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), is a protocol developed to improve the recovery outcomes of patients undergoing surgery. It is a multimodal approach that includes a combination of preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative interventions that promot [...] READ MORE
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Rejuvenation, Restoration, and Resuscitation of the Yamuna River System: A Clarion Call

Anand Mohan
The Yamuna River, a lifeline of northern India, has long served as a symbol of cultural and ecological heritage. However, unbridled urban development, industrialization, and unregulated human activities have inflicted severe degradation upon this once mighty watercourse. The Yamuna River is facing severe problems such as increasing pollution, reducing water levels, and ecological imbalances in contemporary times. We need to hear the river’s [...] READ MORE
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Rehabilitation in Sleep, Pain, and Bladder Symptoms of NESA Neuromodulation Application in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Innovative Treatment

Marina Contreras-Polo1, Raquel Medina-Ramirez2*, Esther Teruel-Hernández3, Martín Vilchez Barrera2, Aníbal Báez-Suárez2 & David Álamo-Arce2
Introduction: Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune demyelinating inflammatory disease of unknown cause and chronic progression caused by damage to myelin, which impairs the nerves’ ability to conduct electrical impulses. This results in a variety of symptoms including spasticity, fatigue, neuropathic pain and/or urinary incontinence. As they often do not remit and respond poorly to conventional medical treatment, recent attention has focused [...] READ MORE
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Cannabidiol as a Novel Therapeutic for Skin Treatments

Júlia Scherer Santos1, Luana de Oliveira Costa1, Monique de Rezende Evangelista2, Laura Diogo Fernandes2, Eduarda Barbosa Scaldini Teixeira2, Ester Marques Rosa2, Fabricio Felippe dos Santos3, Maurilio de Souza Cazarim1,2* & Thaís Nogueira Barradas1,2
Cannabinoids display potential therapeutic applications. Regarding cannabidiol (CBD) to skin application, it shows an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Therefore, it has potential application in the treatment of acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and in antiaging skin. CBD modulates several receptors of the endocannabinoid system of the skin (ECS) which is are found all over skin components such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and sebaceous glan [...] READ MORE
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SLE Rash Sparing the Sunlight Hidden Area under Saree in an Indian Lupus Patient

Pradeep, S.1 & Ritasman Baisya2*
Clinical Image: This middle-aged female presented with recent onset fever, weight loss, inflammatory polyarthritis, non-scarring alopecia, palatal ulcer and rash over face, neck and right upper chest and upper back. On examination, erythematous plaque-like lesions with central blackish pigmentation were noticed behind right and left ear but the rash was extended to the right aspect of lower neck, upper chest and upper back, sparing the adjacent l [...] READ MORE
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HER2 mRNA Expression Profile and Its Correlation with ICC and FISH in FNAC Samples from Breast Cancer Patients

Divya Verma1,2*, Nisha Raj1, Dharam Veer Singh1, Manjari Baluni1, Mishra, R. N.2, Mukesh Verma2 & Ram Nawal Rao1
Context: Around 20-30% of breast carcinoma patients have HER2 overexpression, and they usually have a poor prognosis. With the advent of specific molecule targeting therapies, it is very important to determine overexpression or hyperactivity of the target in focus. Considering to these facts, diagnostic accuracy is very important to project the response of tentative candidate to Trastuzumab therapy because it specifically targets HER2. Although, [...] READ MORE
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Pattern of Paediatric Neurological Disorders in Paediatric Neurology Clinic of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

OKE, O. J.1*, Taiwo, A. B.2, Adebisi, A. O.2 & Ilori, B. F.2
Background: Neurologic disorders lead to huge morbidity and disability in childhood. It is one of the leading world disease burdens with a majority of affected children living in Africa. In developing countries, Paediatric neurological disorders pose a serious challenge due to their stigmatization, long period of treatment and delayed presentation. Non-availability of modern technology and manpower is a bane of management in an African setting. [...] READ MORE
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Scientific Vision, Scientific Ingenuity and Scientific Forbearance in the Field of Schizophrenia Ailment and the Vast Vision for the Future

Sukanchan Palit
The challenges of mental health problems are immense in today’s human civilization. Man and mankind today stands in the midst of deep scientific and knowledge vision, comprehension and scientific ingenuity. The author is suffering from schizophrenia since November, 1993. Many difficult years have passed since then. Today he is replete with agony and pain. There is practically no treatment of schizophrenia. Today he has glaucoma in his both [...] READ MORE
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Obesity and its Muscle Based Manifestations and Osteoarthritis

Ray Marks
Childhood and adult obesity rates continue to increase, along with those reported for osteoarthritis. Some studies reveal a detrimental impact of excess body fat on joint status that may commence in early life. Here we examine some recent literature that point out why it may not be justified to adopt a fat acceptance stance for those at risk for osteoarthritis due to behavioral risk factors. This mini review specifically examines whether excess f [...] READ MORE
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