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Conflicts and Great Risks in the World Their Consequences for the Planet Terre

Abdelkader Abdellaoui
Among the great risks for the earth, we can cite three different types: global warming, conflicts that can degenerate into uncontrolled nuclear confrontations, and near-Earth objects that can cause considerable damage to the planet. [...] READ MORE
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Abdominal Pain in Children with Choledochal Cyst

Islam, ISSA
Recurrent unexplained Abdominal pain in children is an alert sign and could hide serious diagnosis. That is why it should be taken with concern and doing all appropriate investigation to reach a diagnosis and not only treating symptoms. Our patient had a rare condition - choledochal cyst with the need for surgical intervention. [...] READ MORE
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Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Single Lesion on the Forehead: A Rare Case of Collision Tumor in a Patient with Albinism

Ugwo Ifeanyi, V.1, Ojo Babarinde, A.2*, Ojo Oluwatomide, N.3, Umobong Emanso4, Eke Barnabas, A.5, Efu, E. M.6, Inemesit David, E.7
A collision tumor is a combination of two types of district tumors in a single lesion. They are rare but well-documented. This diagnosis is often incidental and their behaviors remain widely unknown. They rarely occur in the skin. This is a case of collision tumor of the skin in a female patient with albinism. The tumor consists of squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma of the forehead.
There are no known documented cases of collis [...] READ MORE
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Granular Cell Tumor of the Appendix: A New Case of a Rare Tumor with Review of the Literature

Emanso Umobong1, Ojo, B. A.2*, Ojo, O. N.3, Ikenna Okonkwo4, Mandus Akonjom5, Ugwu Ifeanyi6, Efu, E. M.7, Inemesit, D. E.8 & Eke Barnabass, A.9
A granular cell tumor (GCT) originating in the appendix is relatively rare and usually diagnosed as an incidental finding. Granular cell tumors are usually benign lesion of neural/schwannian origin, most frequently found in middle age women. Most patients were diagnosed preoperatively as having acute appendicitis. We describe the first case of GCT of the appendix in Abuja, Nigeria federal capital city in a 40 year old female patient who presented [...] READ MORE
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Physicians and Pharmacists Perspective of Clinical Pharmacy Practice, Services, Perceptions and Barriers in a Secondary and a Tertiary Hospital in Southeast Nigeria

Ogbonna Brian, O.1,2*, Nwokoye Fredrick, O.1, Onwuchuluba Ebere3, Eze Uchenna, H. I.4, Osuafor Nkeiruka, G.6, Ohiaeri Ifeyinwa1, Nwafor Maureen, N.1, Okechukwu Raymond, C.1, Oluigbo Kennedy1, Offu Ogochukwu1, Ejieh Loveth, I.1, Okpalanma Nneoma, N.1, Mmaduekwe Hilda, N.1, Umeh Ifeoma, B.1, Ezenekwe Lizzette, N.1, Uzodinma Samuel, U.1, Okeke Anthony1, Anetoh Maureen, U.1, Adenola Ugochi, A.1, Maduabuchi Ihekoronye, R.5, Omuta Michael6, Egere Eustace, C.6, Nnamani Monica6, Onwuma Malachy, U.<
Background: The practice of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care has facilitated the improvement of quality of life via clinical, economic and humanistic outcomes. However, in Nigeria, we have paucity of evidence-based data. This study evaluated the services, perceptions and barriers to clinical pharmacy practice in Nigeria from physicians and pharmacists’ perspective. [...] READ MORE
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Med-Rec: The Storm Passing Overhead a Deep Dive

Adverse Drug Event (ADE): An adverse event involving medication use. Adverse Drug Reaction: Adverse effect produced by the use of a medication in the recommended manner. These effects range from “nuisance effects” (e.g., dry mouth with anticholinergic medications) to severe reactions, such as anaphylaxis to penicillin.CHU-Kara. Adverse Event: Any injury caused by medical care. Competency: Having the necessary knowledge or technical sk [...] READ MORE
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Identification of Women of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) At Risk for Generation of Metabolic Disease in Normal Weight PCOS: Is There a Role of Flutamide?- A Short Communication

Kulvinder Kochar Kaur1*, Gautam Nand Allahbadia, K.2 & Mandeep Singh3
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) possesses the properties of ovarian hyperandrogenism (HA) from changes in the hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian(H-P-O)axis in association with insulin resistance(IR) [1]. As per the definitions, in1990 PCOS definition in women accepted as per National Institute of Health (NIH) criteria [1], i.e. clinical and/or biochemical androgen excess plus oligo anovulation with exclusion of specific etiologies like hyperprolactin [...] READ MORE
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Health Data Generation in Digital Healthcare and ‘Keeping the Patient Well’

Tayyib, N., Alsolami, F., Asfour, H. I., Ramaiah, P., Ahmed, E. E. & Lindsay, G. M.*
Everyday life has experienced an increase in the availability of mechanisms to measure health data and activities associated with health and well-being. The concept is not new as is evidenced by the historical availability and use of domestic body weight monitoring scales. The invention of Wi-Fi and digital processing of human activity has transformed the population’s capability to assess and monitor a large and growing body of health-relat [...] READ MORE
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Mortality in Surgical Resuscitation at Chu-Kara

Essohanam Tabana MOUZOU1*, Sarakawabalo ASSENOUWE1, Pikabalo TCHETIKE2, Eyram Yoan Makafui AMEKOUDI3 & Tchaa Hodabalo TOWOEZIM4
Title: Mortality in the surgical intensive care unit of the CHU-Kara. Aim: To make an inventory of the mortality in the surgical resuscitation of the CHU-Kara. Introduction: Hospital mortality, a real public health problem, remains a real concern in the ICU and especially in the surgical ICU because of several risk factors. Methodology: This was a retrospective study of the records of patients who died in the surgical intensive care unit of CHU-K [...] READ MORE
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Postoperative Care in Digestive Surgery at Chu Sylvanus Olympio

Essohanam Tabana MOUZOU1*, Sarakawabalo ASSENOUWE1, Pikabalo TCHETIKE2, Eyram Yoan Makafui AMEKOUDI3 & Tchaa Hodabalo TOWOEZIM4
Introduction: Post-operative care in digestive surgery is care after surgery on the digestive tract and its annexes. This surgery is burdened with morbidity and mortality. To have data on postoperative management of this surgery and contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality, we initiated this study. [...] READ MORE
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