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Diarrhoea Disease: A Dangerous Childhood Disease

Obeagu Getrude Uzoma1 & Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi2,3*
This seminar work dealt with diarrhea disease; a dangerous childhood disease. Diarrhea is the passing of watery stools more than three times a day with the highest incidence occurring during the weaning period. The objectives of the study were discussed which include types of diarrhea like acute watery diarrhea, chronic diarrhea and dysentery. Others are discussion of childhood diarrhea management, identificati [...] READ MORE
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The Causes of Black Stained Teeth in Children and Ways of Treatment

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.
The most common causes of blackening of teeth are caries or cavities that should be addressed as soon as possible. On the other hand, the blackening of the teeth may be the result of stains formation on their surfaces. Children's teeth cause distress and discomfort to the parents. This problem can occur for various reasons such as the use of iron drop, the application of some toothpaste and mouthwashes, infections, drug metabolism, and so on. [...] READ MORE
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Considerations and Challenges on the Development of Medical Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A Promising Path Towards the Improvement and Widening of Medical Education

Stavroula Koulocheri, A.
Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have seen remarkable rise in the last few years as a medium of delivering high quality course content to learners. MOOCs are a new type of online class with content delivered on line, that anyone, anywhere, can learn through video lectures, slideshows, computer graded tests, and discussion forums. The important is that these courses enable the free exploration. Everyone can take something, can learn something n [...] READ MORE
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The Phenomenon Which the Pediatric Dentistry Is Confronting in the 21st Century!

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.
From the point of view of dentistry, 8 concepts that need to be addressed in the 21th Century are so important that a review of them is of particular importance. These issues include:
1. Technology
As we see, technology is changing rapidly and its effects on dentist and dentistry are evident. Painless dentistry is an example of the progress which is performed by an expert dentist with the application of the l [...] READ MORE
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Anomalous Origin of the Left Anterior Descending and Left Circumflex Coronary Artery from a Right Coronary Sinus of Valsalva: Challenging Anatomy to Face During an Emergency: Case Report

Lojain Mozahim Alsharif & Mohammed Qutub*
An anomalous coronary artery originating from the opposite sinus, which consisted of an uncommon and separate left anterior descending (LAD) and left circumflex (LCX) arteries’ origins from the right sinus of Valsalva, is extremely rare. The anomaly may cause ischemia resulting atherosclerosis or altered ostial configuration in addition to its exit angulations from the aorta and arterial route. Various imaging modalities, such as echocardio [...] READ MORE
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The Hidden Meniscal Flap Tear: Don’t Miss It

Austin V. Stone, MD, PhD1* & Bernard R. Bach Jr, MD2
Meniscal tears are an extremely common pathology. Patients may experience mechanical symptoms such as locking and catching with joint line pain. Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy is used to treat symptomatic tears that are refractory to conservative management. A certain type of meniscal tear, the hidden-flap tear, can be missed if not carefully evaluated.
Case Description
The patient wa [...] READ MORE
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Rare Benign Cystic Teratoma in Parotid Gland

Morteza Alibakhshi Kenari
A teratoma is a tumour made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, or bone. They typically form in the ovaries, testicles, or tailbone and less commonly in other areas.
A 13 years old female was presented to our dental clinic of Princes Basma Hospital in Irbid in north of Jordan, with a painless, insidious progressive swelling in left parotid region without any significant family and personal history. There was no pai [...] READ MORE
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The Organisational Learning of Manpower Service Cooperative as Basis for Organisational Development Plan

Sonia Janice Pilao1, Maria Dolores Dela Cruz1 & Dennis Relojo-Howell2*
This study sought to establish that like other organisations, cooperatives can also benefit from the application of organisational development concepts. In the case of this cooperative studied, the main objective is to help and improve the quality of life of its members. Some cooperatives initiate expansion into businesses such as providing goods and services to improve members’ productivity and income. These ventures however bring new chal [...] READ MORE
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Chemical, Amino Acid Profile and Sensory Quality of “Ogiri Soya” Produced from Soya Bean (Glycine Max)

Nzelu, I. C.* & Ubaka, K. K.
The proximate, amino acid and sensory quality of “Ogiri” soya produced from soya beans (Glycine max) were studied. The “Ogiri” soya had 43.27±0.08%, 41.30±0.25% and 9.62 ±0.20% for crude protein, crude fat and carbohydrate contents respectively. Its energy value amounted to 2541.29KJ/100g. Reasonable quantities of all the essential amino acids (EAAs) including histidine were obtained. In g/100g unit, l [...] READ MORE
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Paraplegia Revealing Primary Extradural Spinal Hydatidosis

Salem Bouomrani1,2*, Nizar Khlass1, Moez Ben Ayed2,3, Oussema Souissi1 & Nesrine Regaïeg1,2
Spinal hydatidosis is exceptional: prevalence estimated at less than 1% of all localizations of the hydatid disease. Extradural forms of spinal hydatid cyst are rare and only a few sporadic cases have been reported in the medical literature. It is characterized by its high clinical latency, potential severity, and frequent recurrence. It can present itself as a real neurological emergency: spinal cord compression and cauda equina syndrome. It is [...] READ MORE
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