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Mental Health during COVID-19 Pandemic: Does Social Support Count? A Cross-Sectional Survey among Lira University Students, Northern Uganda

Maxson Kenneth Anyolitho1*, Amir Kabunga2, Lucas Goodgame Anyayo2 & Rebecca Nakaziba3
COVID-19 pandemic that began in Wuhan, in India towards the end of 2019 has the world catastrophe of the 21st-century. As a result, all sectors of the world’s economies have been seriously disrupted. In the education sector, academic programs were interrupted differently depending on their stages of implementation. For the case of tertiary and university institutions, however, most of them were about to begin examinations but which h [...] READ MORE
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Foreign Body Granuloma Presenting as a Lytic Lesion of the Ilium: A Case Report

Kyriakos Papavasiliou1*, Sousana Panagiotidou1, Nifon Gkekas1, Savvas Mavromatidis2, Stergios Adam1 & Eleftherios Tsiridis1
Foreign body granulomas, alternatively known as gossypibomas, may rarely mimic aggressive musculoskeletal tumors, both clinically and through imaging studies, potentially leading to unnecessary diagnostic and/or surgical interventions. A gossypiboma is a totally preventable, rather infrequent and under-reported complication, which may have serious medico-legal implications. It occurs due to an artificial material which was accidentally or intenti [...] READ MORE
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Anthracycline-Based Combination Chemotherapy (Doxorubicin and Dacarbazine) For the Desmoid Tumor in a Neoadjuvant Setting. Report of a Case

Divyanshu Dua* & Mahmood Shahid
We report a case of a 41-year-old female with a sporadic abdominal wall desmoid tumor. After a period of 12-month observation, chemotherapy was given with Doxorubicin and Dacarbazine to facilitate minimal surgery. The patient received 4 cycles of chemotherapy. Treatment was well tolerated and resulted in a significant reduction of the tumor size from 48mm to 25mm, 48% reduction. The tumor was surgically resected, and the histopathology from the r [...] READ MORE
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Fundamental Theorems in Medicine: A Perspective

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye
In 2019, Ayim-Aboagye under the motivation of Torsten Gordh in Uppsala University contributed a remarkable article that outlined and characterized the notion of fundamental theorems in Medicine. The theorems, now classified as fundamental laws of medical science, have been widely accepted by many academics as the authentic theorems in medicine. They are soon to be recognized by other areas of behavioral sciences such as psychology and other publi [...] READ MORE
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New Perspectives of ASD - Integrative Psychodynamic Approach

Enver Cesko
This presentation is based on new methodologies that are recently present in different psychodynamic approaches who are multidimensionally combining in one, offering integrative view in understanding and serving treatment for autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
Today many definitions (Abrahams & Geschwind, 2008; Bailey et al., 1995; Baron-Cohen et al., 2009; O’Roak & State, 2008; Veenstra- Vanderweele & Cook, 2004) [1], show [...] READ MORE
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Strategical, Tactical and Operational Errors in Science and Knowledge in General

Almada, F.1*, Fernando, C.2 & Vicente, A.3
Helping to build science and knowledge in general does not mean adding (a typical error of a training done predominantly of knowledge acquisition - instruction, and not, for example, by increasing the capacities and potentialities of the individual - education and/or training) more data to the knowledge repository and/or its interpretation. [...] READ MORE
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COVID 19 Vaccinations - The Third Shot

Shimon Shatzmiller*, Rami Krieger, Inbal Lapidot & Galina Zats
The corona is raging in India, and the world is mobilizing to help. Several countries have promised to send oxygen and medical equipment to India, in the shadow of heartbreaking sightings of dead patients outside hospitals and crematoria working into the night. Biden: "Determined to help you as you helped us." Israel is also considering sending aid. Meanwhile, the crisis is exacerbating: a new world record of contagious. Indians are hoa [...] READ MORE
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Rare Atypical Presentation of Acute Hepatitis A in Children: Single Center Experience

Elsayed Ibrahim Salama
Retrospective study from the beginning for two years at National Liver Institute, Menoufyia University, out of 20 patients with HAV were admitted, eleven of them were HAV infection associated with ascites. Inclusion criteria were: HAV-IgM +ve, no hepatic or any other chronic illness before, normal growth and nutritional status, no history of HAV vaccination. Exclusion criteria were: combined HAV infection, nephrotic syndrome, protein-losing enter [...] READ MORE
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Analysis of Excess Consumption in College Students by KPAG Method During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Xia Jiang1 & Bin Zhao2*
With the arrival of COVID-19, some areas are under closed management, bringing about changes in the way people consume. It also leads to the excessive consumption of some people, especially college students. In order to give early warning to unreasonable consumption behavior, this study designed KPAG algorithm to give early warning to consumption risk. Using particle swarm optimization (PSO) kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) parameter op [...] READ MORE
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COVID-19 War, Confusion about Cause-Effect Correlations

Bahram Alamdary Badlou
COVID-19 pandemic is causing more than 3 million causalities and counting; after 2 years creation/ mutations /manipulations, which still no standard cure for its existing. Different catastrophic and un- known yet (side-)effects bring One, in a confusing situation, what could be the next disaster. Therapeutic methods are desired to improve the effects of certain drugs and vaccines in patients with COVID-19, however [1-4]. There are so many not sta [...] READ MORE
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