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Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis Impact Assessment on Symptoms, Mental and Cognitive Functions in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: A Short Review of the Literature

Chatzintounas T.1*, Chatzidimitriou M.1, Chatzintounas A.2, Kyriazidi M. A.2, Mavridou M.1 & Kavvada A.2
Nowadays there has been renewed interest in the therapeutic applications of medicinal cannabis, and people, particularly those with multiple sclerosis (MS), claim that it may have beneficial effects in their symptoms control. There is evidence (although inconsistent) supporting the use of cannabis or its derivatives for their therapeutic potential in treating MS symptoms. It is mentioned that, the use of medicinal cannabis can relieve patient-rep [...] READ MORE
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Measurements of Sputum Desmosines Using Isotope Dilution Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Osama Albarbarawi
An LC-MS/MS method for the absolute quantitation of total desmosine (DES/IDS) in human sputum using synthesized in house internal standard (IS: D4-IDES) was developed. The method involves acid hydrolysis, solid phase extraction (SPE) and liquid chromatographic separation and tandem mass spectrometric analysis (LC-MS/MS). The synthesized IS was characterized to ensure its suitability for the assay. The IS was found to contain at least 4 forms of d [...] READ MORE
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Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Use of Antibiotics Among Pharmacy Students in UAE

Suleiman I. Sharif1*, Danah S. Abbas2, Dana M. Husseyan2, Esraa Al Assadi2 & Rubian S. Sharif2
The problem of bacterial resistance is worsened by the irresponsible utilization of antibiotics.
The present study aims at evaluating the knowledge of pharmacy students about various aspects of antibiotics’ storage and use and bacterial resistance.
This is an anonymous questionnaire- based cross-sectional study. The survey was designed with [...] READ MORE
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Axillary Fibroadenoma Mimicking Pathologic Lymph Node Enlargement

Nasuhi Engin
Ectopic breast tissue (EBT) may occur unilaterally or bilaterally anywhere along the embryonic milk line that extends from the axilla to the groin. Any disease that affects the normal breast can develop in the EBT. A fibroadenoma in the axilla of a young female patient which was clinically thought to be a pathologic lymph node process such as metastasis or lymphoma is presented here. [...] READ MORE
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Vermi-Compost: An Eco-Friendly Manure in Agricultural Sector of Bangladesh

Ashraful Kabir
In this modern period, when world is going to attach with chemical fertilizer in the field, no way without organic manure. Chemical free safe food is an urdent item in our daily life. Through this, vermi-compost in the crop field or on rooftop gardening ensures our insecticide free environment. In the wildlife especially birds will come in garden and can enjoy by taking those live insects. Biodiversity will be preserved by this vermi-compost plan [...] READ MORE
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Pretext to Success

Ashraful Kabir
As we know, till now, health is a big issue all over the world so that in this perspective there is no shortcut of this journal (Cient Periodique). In human race, there is now only one challenge to keep fit anyway. Specifically, without proper message and guideline this is not possible to maintain a good physique. This is our perpetual matter of life in order to keep fit forever. As many of you may have heard the name of this modern journal as we [...] READ MORE
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Problems Encountered With Improper Use of Smartphones: A Mini-Review

Suleiman Ibrahim Sharif1* & Rubian Suleiman Sharif2
Apart from the various benefits of the high technology of today’s smart devices and the internet of increasing social interaction, creativity, self-expression, education, and learning, the negative impact of their overuse on health and learning may outweigh such benefits. [...] READ MORE
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Future of Cut Flowers in Bangladesh

Ashraful Kabir1* & Ataur Rahman2
In this modern world, it is very easy to ornament in most places by using flowers. Moreover, most of our houses we can cultivate some types of flowers in balcony or rooftop. It has nice coloration and scent is adorable. For removing unemployment status, it is a good way for gaining money. Flower culture is very enjoyable business. By getting lots of information in the market, it is easily understood that this flower business is an excellent way f [...] READ MORE
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Determinants of Overweight and Obesity Among Saudi Women of Childbearing

Khalid S. Aljabri1*, Samia A. Bokhari2, Nawaf K. Aljabri3 & Bandari K. Aljabri4
Background and Objective
Overweight and obesity among women of childbearing age are important. We aim to evaluate the frequency of overweight and obesity among Saudi women of childbearing age.
We conducted a cross section study to analyze female participants. A total of 5152 between the ages 15 to 49 years were selected to be enrolled for the present study between January 2018 to December 2 [...] READ MORE
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Audit on Antibiotics Regimen in Diabetic Foot Ulcers - Are We Following Guidelines?

Ooi Chin Sheng1* & Chee Yu Han2
Lower limb infections are the most common indication for hospital admission in patients with diabetes. Diabetic foot ulcers are common and can lead to chronic osteomyelitis if not treated well. In the most severe forms of infection, patients are known to develop necrotizing fasciitis and subsequent shock from cardiovascular collapse may ensue. Antibiotics are very important in the management of these infected ulcers in addition to adequate surgic [...] READ MORE
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