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Consequences of Blood Loss in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Massimo Baudo1*, Mohamed Rahouma2*, Mahmoud Morsi3, Yongle Ruan4, Sherif Khairallah2, Mohamed Kamel2, Galal Ghaly2, Ali Cheriat, N.5, Mohamed Hossny6, Omnia Mohamed7 & Abdelrahman Mohamed2
Efforts to minimize perioperative blood loss in surgery in order to improve short and long- term outcome should be made, as implications extend considerably beyond the perioperative period. Minimally invasive approaches are associated with less bleeding. However, it is all the more important that the personnel involved with the procedure should be familiar with the maneuvers required, so as to be able to prevent and respond in a swift manner when [...] READ MORE
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Sacral Lateral Artery: Anatomical Variation and Clinical Significance

Valchkevich Dzmitry* & Borel Anastasiya
The lateral sacral artery is a standard branch of the posterior trunk of the internal iliac artery. The variations and branching patterns of the lateral sacral artery (LSA) and its branches are very crucial for surgeons. The current study describes the variability of lateral sacral artery and its incidence to provide a sufficient anatomical data for clinicians, radiologists, and orthopedics to increase success rate of any surgical interferences o [...] READ MORE
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Synergistic Antimicrobial Effect of Egyptian Honey With Antibiotics and Its Capability to Restore MRSA Sensitive to Oxacillin

Abdul-Hafeez, M. M.1*, Sayed Mohammed Hamouda1 & Abd El Rahman, M. F.2
Since some types of honey interact synergistically at sub-lethal {sub minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)} concentrations with antibiotics, the work tested this activity of six Egyptian honey brands; three of potent (fennel, 2 of anise & black seed) as well as three of fair antimicrobial activity (multi-floral) against two G-ve and two G+ve multi drug resistant bacterial strains [E. coli AUMC B-243, Klebsiella pneumonia AUMC B-257 [...] READ MORE
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Double Mobility Cup in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: Dislocation Rate and Survivorship in Single Institution Cohort Analysis

Bedencic Klemen*, Kavcic Gregor, Bajuk Matevz, Mirt Pika, Gosnik Bostjan, Tumpej Jure & Ivka Branimir
The dual mobility cup was introduced in France in the 1970s by Gilles Bousquet to decrease dislocation rates in high-risk patients. The system acts as a large prosthetic femoral head, allowing grater range of motion within the socket and low dislocation risk. Concerns about intra-prosthetic dislocation and accelerated wear have been emphasized.
From March 2004 to February 2019 we implanted 1651 DMCs in 1509 patie [...] READ MORE
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Deciphering Controversies About the Effect of Vitamin D in Hepatitis B

Marina Ruxandra Otelea1*, Oana Sandulescu1,2 & Isabela Tarcomnicu2
Chronic infection with hepatitis B virus has a major public health impact. Current antiviral therapy in chronic hepatitis B keeps the infection under control, but does not cure the disease; therefore, different areas of research aiming to reduce the risk of progressive disease are open. Despite numerous experimental data showing a benefit from vitamin D supplementation, clinical studies do not consistently support this finding. This review covers [...] READ MORE
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Why Illicit Drug Use Is Increasing in Ethiopia? From Economics Perspective of Drug Use Control Policy

Mende Mensa Sorato1*, Majid Davari2, Akbar Abdollahi Asl2 & Fatemeh Soleymani2
Use of psychoactive substances is playing a great role for increased disease burden and decline in socioeconomic status in Ethiopia. Drug control policy should address demand, supply and risk of drug use related problems. Despite the implementation of comprehensive national drug control master plan since 2017, the trend of licit and illicit drug use is increasing in Ethiopia. The purpose of this review was to answer [...] READ MORE
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Highlights About Recent Sepsis Related Studies

Badlou, B. A.1* & Hedayati Ch, M.2
Recently sepsis and septic shock are (re-)defined as the new definitions, which emphasis that sepsis as lifethreatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to (concomitant) infection(s) [1,2]. Sepsis in human was described in various forms in about 1000 BC and for the first time defined as an infection in the blood or tissues along with fever by the Persian Philosopher Ibn Sina Zakaria Razi, who was born in the Rey city, Iran [...] READ MORE
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Understanding the Causes of Urinary Tract Infections

Shimon Shatzmiller
Urinary tract infections (UTis) are caused by bacteria that increase the body's defenses in the urinary tract. They can affect the bladder, kidneys, and the ducts that run between them [1].
Urinary tract infection, like any other infection, refers to the invasion and multiplication of one or more pathogens that are not usually found in your urinary tract. The urinary tract is composed of the urethra, bladder, urethra and kidneys, and inf [...] READ MORE
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Level of Participation of Women in Cowpea Production in Wammako Local Government Area of Sokoto State, Nigeria

Salihu Abdullahi Abubakar1, Abdulrahman Bello2*, Binta Muhammed Manga1, Maryam Bello Ali1, Abdullahi Muazu1 & Dalha Magaji1
The study examined the level of participation of women in cowpea production in Wammako Local Government Area of Sokoto State. The specific objectives were to describe the socio-economic characteristics of women cowpea farmers in the study area, determine the level of income of the women in cowpea production, determine the factors influencing the participation of women in cowpea production and identify the constraints to cowpea production by the w [...] READ MORE
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Proprioceptive Deficit After ACL Reconstruction Surgery Through Force Sense Evaluation

Eduardo Becker Nicoliche1,3*, Mariana Gongora2,3, Pedro Ribeiro2,3 & Bruna Velasques1,3
Many studies have already been conducted investigating proprioceptive deficits in subjects with rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). However, there are few data related using the paradigm of Force Matching Test. Objective of this study was to verify whether there is knee proprioceptive deficit when analyzed ACL-deficient knee with uninjured knee. 22 participants with ACL rupture and 22 participants with healthy knee were. ANOVA showed [...] READ MORE
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