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A Prospective Study on Wrist Tuberculosis: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management

Ram Shah, K.1*, Ankit Shrivastava2, Sujan Paudel, R.3 & Rajesh Das, C.4
Wrist Joint is an uncommon site for tubercular infection. However, it is more commonly seen in south-east Asia than in developed parts of the world. The diagnosis is often delayed, because of its rarity and hence many patients have to live with longterm sequale of stiffness and pain.
Materials and Methods
Twenty two (22) patients presenting with wrist joint tuberculosis between January 2 [...] READ MORE
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Training of Health Workers in Côte D’Ivoire: The Socio-anthropological Approach in Public Health Interventions

Adou Serge Judicaël Anoua
The public health problems in Côte d’Ivoire are multiple and complex. The epidemiological transition is struggling to begin. However, the national health system in place tends to give primacy to curative medicine. In the process of finding solutions, the biomedical dimension remains privileged. We conclude that in Côte d’Ivoire, the national public health system is highly medicalized. And yet, not all health problems have [...] READ MORE
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Innovative Strategies to Strengthen Mental Health Gap at Kanyama First Level Hospital in Lusaka Zambia: A Balanced Care Model Using the Who Mental Health Intervention Guide, 2019

Dalal Naeem, M. I.1 & Ravi Paul2*
Despite progress in psychiatry and mental health, the treatment gap remains high in Zambia. A study done in 2015 by Paul et al [1] looking into treatment seeking behaviours in mental health, it was found that the Zambian culture, myths and stereotypes hinder open discussions regarding mental health (MH) and its complications such as suicide which in seemingly on the rise [2]. A holistic approach to treati [...] READ MORE
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Meat and Poultry Products as a Potential Source of Toxoplasma gondii Infection

Arafa, M. I.1*, Ahmed, S. M.2, Tawfik, M. S.3 & Hefnawy, Y. A.4
Toxoplasma gondii, is a meat cyst-forming protozoa, has a potential zoonotic impact sequence to consumption of undercooked meat or chickens harboring bradyzoites. The present study, explores some common meat and chicken products (300 samples), which are still neglected as a possible source of human toxoplasmosis. Samples of minced meat, sausage, kofta, beef burger, chicken burger and chicken kofta were examined for the persistence of via [...] READ MORE
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Rare Case of Scapular Osteochondroma - A Case Report

Ashish Vinodkumar Batra1*, Devendra Kumar Jain2, Kunal Raja3 & Darshan Patel4
Osteochondroma is a benign cartilage-capped overgrowth containing cartilage and bone, connected to the end of the bone by a stalk. Occurrence of osteochondroma at the scapula is a very rare condition. We presented a case report of a 38-year-old male presented with complaints of swelling around his left shoulder and scapula. Osteochondroma at the scapula was suspected. Tumor mass was excised from its peduncle, a medial border of scapula with the h [...] READ MORE
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Mediterranean Diet Adherence and Body Composition in University Students of Nutrition Degree: Pilot Study

María Martínez-Olcina1, Daniela Loaiza-Martínez, A.2, Manuel Vicente-Martínez3, María Hernández-García2 & Alejandro Martínez-Rodríguez4*
Spanish university students showed an increment of body mass index in the last years. Healthy suggestions are based on Mediterranean diet could improve the body composition. The aim of this study is to study the relationship between adherence to the Mediterranean diet and specific variables of body composition in university students of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (HN and D).
Materials and Methods
Pilot study in which [...] READ MORE
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Unilateral Mandibular Neurovascular Plexus - CBCT Evaluation of an Intricate Unusuality

Nyer Firdoose Chintamani Subhan
The following manuscript attempts to unravel the anatomic variations which are ascertained via imaging and clinical co-relational findings exhibiting the intricate presence of complex network of neurovascular plexus / nutrient canal plexus presumably pointing out to the ascribing factors which could have led to repeated failure of dental anaesthesia and extended bleeding during dental extractions in the past as documented in the patient’s d [...] READ MORE
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Nurture the Nature by Rooftop Gardening

Ashraful Kabir
Either rural or urban the rooftop can be a good place for gardening. Minimum three decimal spaces are not bad at all. With this activity the gardener can get enjoy for nourishing those plants. For avoiding insecticides in crop field these rooftop fruits and vegetables are good for human health. For rooftop gardening, some wildlife especially birds may come. So for ecological aspects this gardening system is good. Some common appliances like knife [...] READ MORE
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Reducing Power of by Microbes

Shimon Shatzmiller*, Rami Krieger, Galina Zats, Inbal Lapidot & Ludmila Buzhansky
The use of genetics [1] as a tool to achieve the ultimate goal of realizing biomicro-allergy production is essential for the future of sustainable energy. It will also be an important example of a rewarding symbiosis between genetics and energy when it comes to the useful interaction of living creature and technology, which means a perfect blend of biology and industry. The success of this example can also serve as a major change that changes the [...] READ MORE
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Fractures in Osteopetrosis: Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature

Zhang Wupeng, Yang Yongliang, Xu Shihong, Wang Fengrui, Tu Yi, Wang Bomin & Wang Fu*
The occurrence of osteopetrosis is related to the function defect or the decrease of the number of osteoclasts, which is characterized by the abnormal activity of osteoclasts, bone resorption defect and bone sclerosis, and eventually leads to the increase of bone density, the narrowing or even disappearance of bone marrow cavity, and the brittle bones. The disease was first reported by German radiologist albers-schnberg in 1904. The disease is ob [...] READ MORE
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