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Human Milk Powder an Alternative for Better Conservation and Healthier Use in the Banks of Human Milk

Solís Pacheco, J. R.1, Rodríguez Arreola, A.1, Gutiérrez Padilla, J. A.2,3, García Morales, E.2, Martínez Preciado, A. H.1, Castro Albarrán, J.1, Balcázar López, E.1, Cavazos Garduño, A.1 & Aguilar Uscanga, B. R.1*
In Mexico and in the world, there is a need to feed to newborn infants, who for some reason their mothers cannot breastfeed them and due to this situation, Human Milk Banks (HMB) have been implemented using the pasteurization with subsequent freezing, as a method for its conservation. However, these methods disfavor the nutritional and physical-chemical quality of breast milk. Therefore, we have applied the spray drying after the process of asteu [...] READ MORE
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Plasma Tumour Therapy (PTT)

Pillay, A. E.
The aim of this communication is to introduce a new opportunity to the medical community in the realm of tumour therapy. The article itself presents a theoretical exposition - into the irradiation of cancerous tumours with charged polyatomic chemical species present in hot plasmas - which could be supported by empirical studies and compared with contemporary charged particle therapy (CPT). The model presented in this communication is a simulated [...] READ MORE
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Intra-Dialytic Resistance Exercise for Hemodialysis Patients in Improving Physiological Measurements and Quality of Life: A Pilot Study

Bokai Chen
Hemodialysis (HD) patients generally have reduced functional capacity which leads to low level of physical activity. Exercise training in patients with end stage renal disease for a prolonged period of time has been shown to improve physical functioning and dialysis efficiency. While there are many literatures on aerobic exercises for HD patients reporting improved dialysis outcome and physical performance, resistance exercises have not been as e [...] READ MORE
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The Current Spectrum of Intestinal Obstruction at a Mission Hospital in Northwestern Cameroon

Bamidele Johnson Alegbeleye
Acute mechanical intestinal obstruction is one of the leading causes of surgical admissions in most emergency departments worldwide. The causes of intestinal obstruction vary significantly depending on geographical location. The outcome of management of the condition may be a good indicator of how well a country’s surgical services are doing. The aim of this study was to identify the etiology, management and out [...] READ MORE
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Some Considerations in the Postsurgical Clinical Evolution of Patients with Refractory Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Juan Enrique Bender del Busto
Epilepsy is a global public health problem that requires an adequate response. According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 50 to 69 million people suffer from this disease, the majority living in developing countries, where the quality of life is worse and the incidence of infections of the Central Nervous System (CNS) is greater [1].
Epilepsy, in turn, is considered as old as humanity itself and one o [...] READ MORE
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Electron Microscopy of Mitochondrial Pathology in Central Nervous Diseases. A Review

Orlando J. Castejon
The present review describes the pathology of mitochondria in numerous central nervous diseases. Three injured mitochondrial morphological patterns are found in the human edematous cerebral cortex of patients with complicated brain trauma associated with subdural hematomas or hygroma, brain tumors, vascular anomalies, and congenital hydrocephalus. Swollen clear (SCM), swollen dense (SDM), and dark degenerated (DDM) mitochondria are described. SCM [...] READ MORE
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Rapidly Progressive Acute Chest Syndrome in Sickle Cell Anemia Patients in King Abdulaziz Hospital, Jeddah

Tarneem Alghamdi
Based on existing literature. State hypotheses:
One of the most common genetic disease globally is Sickle cell disease [1]. It is characterized by abnormal Hb production i.e HbS which cause RBCs to sickle and occlude small vessels [2]. The prevelance of the disease in Saudi Arabia differs by region being the highest in the Eastern provinces followed by southwestern provinces [2]. In Saudi Arabia the disease [...] READ MORE
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Effects of Sodium Citrate and Garlic on Organoleptic Properties, Proximate Composition, Free Fatty Acid and Thiobarbituric Acid Levels of Treated Smoke-Dried Meat Stored at Ambient Temperatures

Amin Igwegbe, O.1*, Paul Idakwo, Y.1, Hauwa Yusuf, L.2, Gervase Agbara, I.1, Amina Maijalo, I.1 & Fatima Abubakar1
The objective of this study is to determine the possible effects of varying levels of sodium citrate and garlic paste on composition and quality parameters of treated smoke dried meat stored at ambient temperature for twelve (12) weeks. Results obtained indicate that the treatments significantly [...] READ MORE
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Essence of Antioxidants in Aging Science: NRF2, a True Fact

Morshedul Alam
Aging Science
Literally, ‘Aging’ is the term meaning the gradual declination of our life span to death. More simply, it is the term depicting the gradual changes from younger age to older age. Aging and aging associated disorders (such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, neuronal disorders etc) are the burning question to scientists in the medical as well as life sciences. Age is the greatest risk factor for nearly [...] READ MORE
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Categorizing Hominins, Hominids, Some Other Select Anthropoids, and Apes by Race

Adrian Dane Kenny, M.D.
With the advent of the internet information and data is more accessible than ever before.
Evolution is already proven.
Race is more than merely differences of color of skin.
In this article I writtyped my research on the race of hominins, hominids, anthropoids, and apes. Do note that humans are apes. Homo sapien sapien are a part of the great apes. The great apes include eight species: Sumatran orangutan, Bornean orangutan, Tapanul [...] READ MORE
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