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Nanohardness and Elastic Modulus of Different Resin Cements After Accelerated Aging

Ana Paula Gebert de Oliveira Franco1*, Renata Tomazini de Queiroz2, Márcio José Fraxino Bindo3, Nerildo Luiz Ulbrich3, Osnara Maria Mongruel Gomes4 & Rui Fernando Mazur5
The properties of resin cements used to lute prosthesis to dental structures should be investigated by simulating the oral environment.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the mechanical properties of resin cements of chemical and dual sets by immediate hardness and after accelerated aging by thermocycling.
Five Disc shaped specimens were pre [...] READ MORE
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Routine Outcomes Measures

Josep Mercadal1*, Francesc Maestre2, Marta Golanó3, Ester Pla4 & Ariadna Pérez5
Interest in empirical evaluation is being assumed by most of the models of psychological intervention that are currently used, especially if they operate in a public domain. Everyone accepts that the best healthcare decisions must be based on the clinical judgment and the empirical evidence of the results that are obtained. On one hand, the clinical trial is based on training in a psychotherapeutic model, in the professional experience and in the [...] READ MORE
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The Influence of the Sagittal Developmental Dentoskeletal Pattern on the Value of the Soft Tissue Chin Angles - A Cephalometric Study

Tatjana Perovic1*, Milena Blazej2 & Ivan Jovanovic3
The aim of this study was to establish the influence of sagittal dentoskeletal pattern on the value of angular profile parameters of the chin region, as well as to examine the significance of the established variations for each angle individually. This study included the examination and the analysis of cephalometric radiography derived lateral cephalograms to evaluate profile angles for 120 adult Caucasian subjects (60 male and 60 female) from th [...] READ MORE
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A Study to Analyse the Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Training and Manual Therapy with Augmented Low-Dye Taping Technique for Correction of Pronated Foot in the Management of Anterior Knee Pain

Albert Anand, U.1*, Bernard Dino Santiago2, Manuel Clementir2, Lizette Fernandez2, Sherwin Abat2, Tasneem Cariem3, Sharon Abrigo2, Muralidharan, E.4 & Ragab Amer5
Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal injuries seen by physiotherapists and sport medicine practitioners (Clement, et al., 1981; Taunton, et al., 2002). The PFPS occurs in 17% of male and 33% of female knee pathology. The pain is usually aggravated by activities involving patellofemoral compressive forces such as remaining in the sitting position with the knees flexed for long periods o [...] READ MORE
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Vitamin E and Osteoarthritis: Does Vitamin E Influence Muscle Function and Integrity?

Ray Marks
Osteoarthritis, a painful irreversible disabling joint disease, and one that predominantly affects articular cartilage, is rapidly increasing in prevalence among older populations. This work aimed to: 1) examine whether vitamin E, a powerful anti oxidant involved in many physiological processes can influence the disease by potentially improving muscular status in the context of the osteoarthritic damaged joint; 2) offer clinical and research sugg [...] READ MORE
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The Emerging Role of Liquid Biopsy in Oncology

Govind Babu
The cornerstone of oncology treatment begins with the pathological diagnosis. We need tissue from the growth to have a proper diagnosis, this is achieved by an open or a needle biospy. The tissue thus obtained is subjected to various studies to help us offer the best treatment to the patient.
We have made reasonable progress in treating even metastatic cancers of several types. The first line therapies are quite effective but many tumors rel [...] READ MORE
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Characterization and Classification of Wines Based on Spectrophotometric Determination of Wine Bioactive Properties

Elisabeta-Irina Geana1*, Corina Teodora Ciucure1, Constantin Apetrei2 & Victoria Artem3
Wine is a product of high nutritional value, which, consumed in a moderate amount (especially red wines), contributes to the health of the human organism, increasing the quality and the life time, the main compounds responsible for this contribution being the phenolic compounds.
This work was aimed to investigate the bioactive properties (total phenolic - TP and total flavonoid - TF contents and antioxidant capacity) of different Romanian re [...] READ MORE
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Biomechanics Analysis of Duodenum, Jejunum and Colon of Dogs’ Cadavers

Andréa Barros Piazzon de Souza Queiroz, Laura Gusman Soares, Giovana Carvalho Vieira, Isabela Del Ponti, Alisson Diego Senna Fechis, Thiago André Salvitti de Sá Rocha & Fabrício Singaretti de Oliveira*
Various are the alternative methods that look for the animal’s welfare in the veterinary surgery teaching, which aim to substitute the use of live animals and causing similar or superior learning to the students.
To determine the biomechanics effects depending on the intestine portions of fresh dogs’ corpses. The maximum force and elongation of duodenum, jejunum and colon rupture [...] READ MORE
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Adult Congenital Heart Disease is Really a Heterogenous Specialty: Message from the Colombian Adult Congenital Heart Disease Chapter

John Jairo Araujo
Congenital heart defects are the most frequent malformation. The prevalence varies among the different geographical regions of the world, due in part to the birth rate, population density and local record-keeping. With increased survival, the congenital heart population has undergone a great change, increasing the prevalence of adults with congenital heart disease.
Surgical and survival successes have turned the pediatric patient with congen [...] READ MORE
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Why We Still Cannot Answer Clearly If Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Treatment Can Repair Articular Cartilage?

Ioannis Manousakas
Five years ago a question was raised. Is it possible for Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound treatment (LIPUS) to repair articular cartilage? A daily 20-minute treatment for 3 months was given to surgically created cartilage defects of 5mm in diameter on the right side distal femoral condyle of rabbits. The ultrasonic device used was an Exogen low-intensity pulsed ultrasound device (Smith & Nephew Inc, Memphis, TN, USA) which provided a peak inte [...] READ MORE
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