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Nesa Non-Invasive Neuromodulation; A New Frontier of Treatment of the Autonomous Nervous System in Physiotherapy

Raquel Medina-Ramírez1*, Fabiola Molina-Cedrés2, Anibal Báez-Suárez2 & David Álamo-Arce1
In the 1920s there was no scientist suggested that life could be electrically oriented, from the discoveries of Hodgkin et al. (1964) [1] the existence of the nerves´ action potentials was demonstrated, moreover they demonstrated that the electrical impulses could be coordinated by a central nervous system by the existence of ion channels. Sixty years later, the application of electricity in medicine has potentially been developed and i [...] READ MORE
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Complex in Psychoanalysis Revisited: Freud, Jung, and the War Complex

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye1* & Manuela Julietta Amorin2
Psychoanalysis clinical principles in the treatment of psychopathology have attracted philosophers and many professional psychologists for decades since its development. Some of these scholars have expanded what the pioneers, Freud and Jung, have earlier postulated. The discipline continues to engage modern scholars, some of who believe the psychoanalytic theory succinctly describes the reality of the individual [...] READ MORE
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A Commentary on Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Rupa Potti
Ever since the world has seen the first case of COVID-19 in December 2019, the disease has spread rampantly and continued to mutate causing millions of illnesses and deaths. The mortality rates around the globe startled and overwhelmed the political, healthcare, science, and research sectors in handling the effects of the virus. Though initially the virus was thought to affect the susceptible population in terms of age, comorbidities, and immune [...] READ MORE
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Sensitivity and Specificity of Trans-Cutaneous Bilirubinometry versus Serum Bilirubin in Preterm Infants: A Single-Center Experience

Elsayed Salama, I.1,2,3*, Mohamed Bahbah, H.4, Behery Behery, E.1 & Wallaa Mohamed4
To assess the transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) measurements, in preterm neonates, versus total serum bilirubin (TSB) testing.
The study carried out, in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), on 51 babies. Babies have same ethnicity, skin color and according to the gestational age (the commonest age in the unit) babies classified to Group I: early preterm infants of gestational age ranged fr [...] READ MORE
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COVID-19 War, Platelets Disorders Are Underestimated

Bahram Alamdary Badlou
COVID-19 pandemic is causing more than 4 million deaths and counting (July 2021). After 2 years of pandemic situation, the general public is globally suffering from increased morbidity and mortality rate (and correlated manipulations), which still no standard cure for new mutated COVID-19 variants is existing. Different catastrophic and unknown yet (side-)effects bring One in a confusing situation, what could be the next disaster in the 21st Cent [...] READ MORE
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Development of an Evaluation Scale On the Reasons for Drug Use: Validation for Portuguese Youth and Their Relation to Risk Behaviours

Marta Reis1,2,3*, Gina Tomé1,2,4, Lúcia Ramiro1,2, Fábio Botelho Guedes1,2, Filipa Coelhoso1,2,5 & Margarida Gaspar de Matos1,2
The main objective of this study was to validate a construct, the scale of 11 items on the reasons for consuming drugs for a sample of young people in Portugal. It intends to reflect on the main reasons why young people use drugs, as well as whether these are associated with characteristics of youth groups and risk behaviours, such as gender, attendance of higher education, sexual intercourse with occasional partners, sexual intercourse under the [...] READ MORE
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Sport Practices Effects on Quality of Life, Mental Behavior and Self-Esteem in Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia

Sofien Kasmi1,2, Amri Hammami3, Raouf Hammami2, Michael Duncan, J.4, Cain Clark, C. T.4, Sirine, B. Amor1, Fatma Zohra BenSalah2,5,6 & Catherine Dziri1,5,6
Despite the known health benefits of regular participation in physical activity, people with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy (HCP) tend to participate less than their typically developing peers. The purpose of this study is to highlight the effect of sport practice on general health quality of life, mental behavior and self-esteem in hemiplegics group practicing regular sports (TRAINED) compared to a control group (CONTROL). Forty subjects (20 males an [...] READ MORE
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Clinical Psychotherapists Will Acquire Macro Biophysical Neurophysiological Tools to Eliminate Chronic Mental Disorders

Naisberg Yakov
Clinical psychotherapists should be professionally aware that they play an independent medical role in protecting and treating mentally ill chronic patients, who are in fact overly physical and proactively direct them through strategies, tools and techniques that block pathological factors.
The latter are blocked by an internal distress that requires the release of mental processes to a unified body-brain and mind. Basic medical intervention [...] READ MORE
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Physiological Characteristics of Female Zimbabwe Soccer Players across Playing Positions

Tariro Muzenda, Eberhard Munetsi Tapera* & Thulani Sibanda
The purpose of this study was to compare selected physiological characteristics of female league Zimbabwe soccer players across playing position. Sixteen (16) players, selected from the Bulawayo Province Zimbabwe Republic Police women soccer team volunteered to take part in the study. The players were categorized into four playing positions, goalkeepers (n=2), defenders (n=5), strikers (n=4), and midfielders (n=5). Flexibility, speed, agility and [...] READ MORE
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Next-Generation Education: Incorporating Bioinformatics into Biological Science Education

Stavroula Koulocheri, A.
Bioinformatics is rapidly becoming an integral part of the biological sciences and is considered an essential research tool over the last few years. The ability to search and extract information from large databases has continually become of great importance to various aspects of biomedical sciences. It is important that undergraduates be exposed to the available information and procedures. Broadening the undergraduate biological sciences curricu [...] READ MORE
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