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Sub-Retinal Hemorrhage: Case Report

Bakayoko Seydou, Sidibe Mohamed Kole*, Elien, G. Y. R. R.*, Sissoko Modibo, Diallo Seydou, Conare Ibrahima, Guindo Adama, Napo Abdoulaye, Guirou Nouhoum & Sylla, F.
A subretinal hemorrhage (SRH) is a collection of blood located under the retina. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of its causes, especially in the elderly.
The objective of this case report is to ask about sub-retinal hemorrhage during AMD.
This is the report of a patient managed at the IOTA-Teaching Hospital on March 14, 202 [...] READ MORE
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Psychological Effects of COVID-19 on Health Care Workers: Some Lights From Previous Pandemics

Ibrahim El Bayoumy
The mental and physical stress in treating patients during pandemics facing doctors nurses and other health care workers dealing with earlier stages of infectious disease outbreak is prominent, as they are exposed to a variety of mental health issues like insomnia, anxiety and depression. Doctors and nurses act as important force in the fight against epidemics as H1N1, SARS, Epola and finally COVID-19 in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei province in [...] READ MORE
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Correlation Between Laboratory Tests, Upper Respiratory Viral Load and Disease Severity in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Laboratory Characteristics of 220 COVID-19 Cases

Abdolreza Javadi1,2, Mohammad Hashemi-Bahremani1, Shahriar Dabiri3,4, Houman Vosough2, Manzumeh - Shamsi Meymandi4, Mona akbari2 & Nemat Khansari5*
To compare the laboratory characteristics and viral load between mild, severe and critical patients with COVID-19. Data from 220 laboratory-confirmed patients were retrospectively analyzed. Study was conducted on COVID-19 cases who presented to Imam Hossein Teaching hospital in Tehran (Iran) from early March to late April, 2020. The recommended laboratory tests, as well as the upper respiratory viral load in COVID-19 patients with different spect [...] READ MORE
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Insomnia in the Patients With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Behzad Saberi
Insomnia can affect the patients with traumatic brain injuries and should be diagnosed and treated properly. There are some signs and symptoms which are related to this pathology which can help the health care professionals to diagnose this pathology properly. Also finding the best treatment strategies for this pathology is of importance. [...] READ MORE
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Oculomotrice Paralysis During Diabetes: A Case Report at IOTA Teaching Hospital

Seydou Bakayoko, Rodrigue Romuald Elien, G. Y.*, Mahamat Adam Dicko, Aly Sylla, Innocent Adubango Mananu & Tembely Marcel Lamine Traore
To describe the clinical, therapeutic and evolutionary profiles of oculomotor paralysis during diabetes at IOTA-Teaching Hospital.
Patients and Methods
We describe the case of a patient who was diagnosed with oculomotor paralysis.
Our patient is 80 years old, with type 2 diabetes antecedent for 10 years under hypoglycemic sulfamides, poorly balance [...] READ MORE
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Universal Platform for Coronaviruses Report

Shimon Shatzmiller*, Inbal Lapidot, Galina Zats, Rami Krieger & Ludmila Buzhansky
Four years ago the world was confronted by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Panic broke out all over the world. Governments have intervened to contain the pollution. Until the last patient tested negative for the disease, the outbreak claimed thousands of lives and caused billions of dollars in financial losses. President Obama Warned the U.S. to prepare for a pandemic back in 2014 [1], Bill Gates [2,3], and many others worened the world of the [...] READ MORE
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Effective Communication Skills and Patient’s Health

Faisal Abdullatif Alnaser
Communication is the link between getting information and passing it to other people. The purpose of communication is broad; however, it could be limited to; get and give information, which is the most popular purpose. All living creatures communicate with each other; however, the methods differ. Even plants talk to each other either through the air by releasing odors or through the soils via some chemicals. It even communicates with different mi [...] READ MORE
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A Study to Explore the Verbal Fluency Performance in Adults Presenting With Epilepsy at University Teaching Hospital

Mutinta Matambo* & Ravi Paul
This study explored the verbal fluency performance in adults presenting with epilepsy at University Teaching Hospital. The study was guided by three objectives: (i) to describe verbal fluency performance in adults with epilepsy by the use of the neuropsychological tests; namely Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) and Category Fluency Test (FAS), (ii) to explore the association between verbal fluency scores and the clinical characteristi [...] READ MORE
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The Cane: Mechanical or Sensorial Support?

Almada, F.1*, Fernando, C.2 & Vicente, A.3
Researching is not measuring. Researching is to find useful answers to interesting questions.
The ability to collect data, to accumulate and transmit information, and to massacre that information until we get the answers we want, has grown exponentially in the past tens of years and will continue to increase explosively.
But interesting answers to important problems don’t follow.
In this way, knowledge is discredited, knowledge i [...] READ MORE
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Love Bombing and Grooming in Cluster B Personality Disorders

Sam Vaknin
Put together, these techniques create a shared psychotic space within which the shared fantasy thrives on false promises and make believe role play. Whenever the woman tries to exit this common territory, she is punished with sadistic sex, egregious abuse, withholding, or rejection. Finally, the only way open to her is to resort to another man with whom she can create an alternative sanctuary, however fantastic and brief. She cheats and the share [...] READ MORE
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