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Latest Articles

The Effects of Abortion Bans on Women’s Healthcare

Anne Louise Phelan
On June 23, 2022, Americans lived in a country where women had the right to reproductive autonomy and physicians had the right to care for pregnant women according to their best judgment and abilities. On June 24, 2022, that autonomy was gone. The Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] issued an opinion in “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center” that abortion was not a constitutionally-protected right and it returned the m [...] READ MORE
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Influence of Socioeconomic Variables on Spectacle Use in South East Nigeria

Nkiruka Okoloagu1*, Ezekiel Ekweremadu1, Adanma Ezenwa2
Background: Uncorrected refractive errors (URE) is the commonest cause of mild and moderate visual impairments in Nigeria. Spectacle -mounted lens, an extremely cost effective intervention has remained greatly underutilized in Nigeria. Aim: To explore the perspective of current and prospective spectacle users to gain an insight into the basis for non compliance and occasional rejection of prescription spectacles for URE. [...] READ MORE
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Complications of Viral and Non Viral Cirrhosis Requiring the First Hospital Admission and In-Hospital Death Related to These Complications in Morocco during the Last 2 Years

Helmy, O.*, Mezouari, F. A., Tahiri, M., Rhaoussi, F. Z. E. L., Haddad, F., Hliwa, W., Bellabah, A. & Badre, W.
Background/Aims: Data on the epidemiology of viral and non viral cirrhosis, especially in African countries, are limited. We compared the epidemiology and clinical characteristics requiring the first hospital admission and causing in-hospital mortality between viral and non viral cirrhosis over the last two years. The identification of patients at higher risk for adverse outcomes can aid in making the clinical decisions that will improve the prog [...] READ MORE
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Evaluation of Potentially Inappropriate Medications among Elderly Patients According to Beer’s Criteria 2019

Ali Alyahawi1* & Ali Alkaf2
Background: Globally, the senior population is rapidly expanding. Multimorbidity is a common condition that many people have, and it could be fatal. Elderly individuals who receive inappropriate prescriptions may have significant morbidity, which adds to the clinical and financial burden on patients and society. The fundamental first step in attempting to enhance the quality of prescribing is gaining knowledge into physicians’ prescribing p [...] READ MORE
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2030, 2040 What Should We Expect?

Abdelkader Abdellaoui
With the communication highways, information begins, little by little, to escape from the traditional centers of political, military, business or even religious power. In society, which believes that it is gradually freeing itself from these powers, doubts are beginning to settle in, a number of questions arise, a new breed of commentators, YouTubers, interpreters and preachers in all fields appear. of social life that try to draw you into their [...] READ MORE
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Preventer and Sanitiser Pocket Device and Homeopathic Prevention against COVID-19 and Related Virus

Francisco Bulnes
Today is required a constant prevention against the virus related with the covid-19 and itself for a safety way for the life, and give to our organism conditions the strengthening of its immune system. Likewise, is established a preventive mechanism in our breathing system considering a constant special solution of alcohol sanitiser microparticles, to establish protection conditions in frequent interactions with the environment, without collatera [...] READ MORE
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Bone Diseases Utilization of Bisphosphonates as Therapeutic Agents

Chika Mbah, J.
The human body is composed of hard tissue (bones) and soft tissues. Bones are living growing tissues which constantly go through a cycle of renewal. When bone strength and flexibility are affected by certain conditions bone diseases could develop. They are different types of bone diseases including osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, osteogenesis imperfect etc. Treatment of bone diseases may involve physical therapy, surgery, lifestyle measures [...] READ MORE
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Clinical Application Prospect of Semi Cranial Open Decompression Technology

Lu Shoulong1*, Tang Ying2 & Ying Qi1
Semi Cranial Open Decompression (SCOD) technology is a new neurosurgical method, which is mainly suitable for patients with severe or extremely severe stroke. The implementation of this technology can save the lives of some patients and reduce the disability rate.
Nowadays, the incidence rate, disability rate and mortality rate of severe and extremely severe stroke are high. Based on many years of clinical experience and animal experiments, [...] READ MORE
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Pediatricians as Victims and Perpetrators under Nazi Rule

Daniel Neuspiel, R.
Pediatricians were both victims and perpetrators of heinous Nazi crimes, based on the concept of “racial hygiene.” Among many pediatrician victims of the Nazis were: Lucie Adelsberger (1895-1971), pediatric immunologist and Jew, was dismissed from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin in 1933 and stripped of her medical license in 1938. She survived 2 years in concentration camps and continued her career in New York after the war. [...] READ MORE
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Magnitude and Predictors of Cigarette Smoking among High School Students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2020

Tirhas Tadesse Berhe1*, Tadesse Alemu Bekele2, Getasew Amogne Aynalem3 & Getachew W/yohanes Tedila1, Addisu Tadesse Sahile4 & Roman Negow Desta1
Background: High proportion of adolescent uses illicit substance including cigarette smoking. Therefore, this research focused on the assessment of magnitude and predictors of cigarette smoking among Bole high school students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2020.Methods: A quantitative school-based cross-sectional study was undertaken in June 2020. A total of 278 high school students were recruited by systematic random sampling method. The data e recol [...] READ MORE
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