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Development of Newspaper as a Resource of Bioenergy Through the Successive Saccharification with Aspergillus Niger Cellulase

Dhlamini, B. R. & Van Wyk, J. P. H.*
Used newspaper is one of the major components of solid waste of which millions of tons are produced annually by the global population. Landfilling, besides incineration and recycling, is the most popular process of managing this waste material also described as organic waste. Cellulose, a glucose biopolymer and structural component of newspaper could act as a renewable feedstock for the production of bioproducts if degraded into glucose a ferment [...] READ MORE
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Oral Derived Stem Cells Potential - Current Status

Artur Bryja1, Katarzyna Stefanska2, Joanna Budna-Tukan2, Bartosz Kempisty1,2,3 & Marta Dyszkiewicz- Konwinska1,4*
Recently the potential of oral derived stem cells is being extensively studied.
There is a significant number of research conducted on different stem cells from pulp cavity as well as from periodontal ligament, dental follicle and gingiva.
How far are we from applying them into the practice? What is already available for clinical application. What knowledge should we possess to successfully benefit from their potential. We have analyzed [...] READ MORE
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Emergency at the Urinary Tract Infections

Siniša Franjic
Urinary tract infections are the most common bacterial infection in humans and one of the most common reasons for visiting family physicians. They are more common in women than in men. Although the majority of them presents harmless infections (especially in women), they can also speak in favor of more serious illness and also lead to various complications. [...] READ MORE
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Open Cerebral Decompression -A New Method for the Treatment of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Lu Shoulong1*, Ying Qi1, Lu Ning2 & Wang Quan3
Severe traumatic brain injury (S-TBI) carries high rates of mortality and disability. We developed a technique of Open Cerebral Decompression (OCD) in the treatment of patients with S-TBI based on our experience in clinical practice in neurosurgery and animal experimental studies. The use of this technique may result in a fundamental change in the treatment of S-TBI, and increase the survival rate and reduce the occurrence of complications and se [...] READ MORE
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The Evaluation of the New Beauty Proportions of the Face and Profile of the Most Famous Models of the Last Decade

Latifa El Mouden*, Hakima Aghoutan, Salma Jdii, Safaa Elbaghdadi & Farid El Quars
Facial aesthetic has always been a major preoccupation, for patients as well as dentists, orthodontists, maxillofacial and plastic surgeons. Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate the new female facial proportions that can influence the appreciation of facial beauty based on the most prominent models of the last decade “face photos” to consider the impact of its new values on current orthodontic therap [...] READ MORE
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Burnout in Family Physicians in Eastern Croatia

Renata Božinovic1 & Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric2,3*
Family physicians are among the top professions for burnout. This predisposition is in connection with their specific position in the healthcare system, at the interface with a general population. Not only a high workload but also an emotional transfer may produce a high level of chronic stress and subsequently lead to burnout. This process can be exaggerated in situations such as an economic crisis, when personal and existential factors may appe [...] READ MORE
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The Effect of Art Therapy on Cognitive Function Among Post Stroke Adults University, Teaching Hospital

Alice Nguni1, Goma Fastone2 & Ravi Paul1*
The population of older adults with stroke in Zambia is rapidly growing and reports of cognitive impairments such as that caused by stroke are becoming more prevalent. Post stroke cognitive impairment is a common symptom of stroke and can have a significant effect upon a patient’s quality of life. In the case of a stroke, one or more cognitive domains may be affected, including attention, memory, language and orientation seem to improve amo [...] READ MORE
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An Honorable Editor’s View on the Publication of CPQ Medicine

Ashraful Kabir, M.
The quality of this journal is outstanding to me. It has very effective sections on Medical Science where from people can get more benefits for their well being as well as longer life. The editor and other members are very cordial and active to communicate with all clients of the world. If this journal can run in this way, I hope it will get the highest impact factor immediately. Afterwards, the writers will be increase enormously. The style of t [...] READ MORE
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Surgical Management of Fractures of the Lateral Third of the Clavicle

Ahmad Sh Saad, A.*, Khaled Hafez, M. A. & Sanad Mousa Younes, M.
To evaluate the results of fixation of fractures of lateral third clavicle by two types of surgical procedures.
Twenty patients with a Neer type II fracture lateral third clavicle were treated surgically, eleven of them with intra-articular Kirschner (K) wires and seven cases with 3.5mm unlocked reconstruction plate in the period between April to July 2017. The other two cases wer [...] READ MORE
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Shock Index in Non-Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Intensive Care Unit in a Malagasy Hospital

Rakotondrainibe, A.1*, Avotsihoarana, T. H.2, Rahanitriniaina, N. M. P.1, Randriamizao, H. M. R.1, Rajaonera, A. T.1, Ramanampamonjy, R. M.3 & Raveloson, N. E.4
Admission in intensive care unit is frequent for patient presenting non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding (NVUGIB). To determine prognosis of those NVUGIB, prognostic scores should be used, but they are not always available at admission. The shock index (SI) is calculated from systolic blood pressure (SBP) and heart rate (HR) could more easily assess morbidity and mortality, especially, when biological and [...] READ MORE
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